There are available different packing systems that have the particularity to be capable of INTEGRATION directly on our Control Machine.A second advantage is that there are prepared to put a label machine to print and attribute the labels on the boxes or on the sacks.There are 2 king of packing:

a) Packing in Cardboard Boxes or Plastic Boxes (KLT)It’s possible to have the following systems:- GIR 001: circular table of 1000 mm of diameter and can be contain n. 6 cardboard boxes kind C40 (dim. 200x300x80) or small KLT, or n. 3 big KLT boxes (300x400x120).The systems permit, with a simple substitution of some support, to pack every kind of boxes with dimension between 100% and 400x500 mm.- GIR 002: circular table for the packing of boxes with disk of Ø 1000 mm and integrated system to “vibrate” the pieces and set in the boxes.Boxes dimension as precedent model.- CNA 010 : tape of Leigh 2.m. of packing in cardboard boxes or in plastic boxes that can contain n. 10
empty boxes and n. 10 full boxes.
The empty boxes are charged by hand on a motorised tape that will send them to the packing point.After to be packing with a number of pieces fix before, the box is transfer on a free rollers.We can also put some Units of some Closing Units of boxes and Labelling.- CNA 015: as before with tapes of length 3 meters with capacity of 15 boxes of dimension 200x300 mm.


b) Packing in Plastic Sacks
They are available in following systems.
- SCP 010: Bagging Machine to contain to a 10 kilos of materials and to a 10 dm3 in volume.
- SCP 030 : Bagging Machine to contain to a 30 kilos of materials and to a 25 dm3 in volume.
There are also available Systems to Pack THE BOXES ON PALLETS and Systems to particular packing adaptable to the needs of the Customer.