Champs can supply the following Feeding Systems:


1) Vibrating HopperThey are Hopper that can be put on a floor level or in higher position.They are supplied on the following models:· TRA050: Vibrating Hopper of 50 litres.
· TRA100: Vibrating Hopper of 100 litres.
· TRA200: Vibrating Hopper of 200 litres.
· TRA430: Vibrating Hopper of 430 litres.
· TRA900: Vibrating Hopper of 900 litres.
To put them in higher position is necessary order a support rank: · TLH – height to add.

2) Elevator on Iron LinkThey are elevator project in Modular way and realised with a tape of iron link or in electron-fusion plates.They can be realised with an inclined support of 60° or completely vertical at 90°.The code order is :· EMA 60 – Length measure - inclined at 60°
· EMA 90 – Length measure – inclined at 90°

3) Tape Elevator with plug in Plastic MaterialThey elevator with Hopper of 80 litres more or less integrated and realised with a tape on which are screw the plug in Nylatron moulded in particular way for the kind of piece to charge.High Charge Pieces: 850 mm from floor levelHigh of Pieces Exit: variable from 1150 to 3000 mm The code order is:· ELV – measure of Height of Pieces Exit.

4) BLADES AND CHAINS ELEVATORS:There are elevators with a small integrated hopper of 80 or 200 Litres and with blades that run through in vertical way and that elevate the pieces, orienting them on the principal axe.After the latest blade there are some vibrating guides or some rulls to support the details to the point of using. The blades movement can be pneumatic or motorised.The code to order is:
- LAP – hopper dimension – height of pieces exit – specific code application.


5) ELEVATOR FOR VERY BIG SCREW (SCREW 36 X 350 MM) AND PARTICULAR HAEVY.(NEW)It’s a true charge system realised to solve the problems of feeding of very heavy and encumbering pieces.In particular concerning the screws is very important to not loose knock in order to not damage the screw-thread and the cover.
The patented system of Champs is made to charge pieces that weight also 2 kilos each avoiding to damage them and to charge the all trunk on the principal hopper (1000.Kg).
It’s possible to have cadences of feeding of 120/150 pieces/min. per screw of diam.30 x300 mm of length.The code to order is:- GLA – Height of exit - T-Hopper Dimension

6) CIRCULAR VIBRATOR ALSO WITH SUPERVISION CAMERA (NEW)They are vibrating-feeder linear or circular.We have also realised the vibrator with an integrated camera that guarantee at 100% the security to have the pieces oriented in correct way, so to orient the particulars that have no difference of appreciable weight in two direction of feeding.We have vibrator as following kind:a) Linear Vibrator:The models are signed with abbreviation depending on the dimensions:- VIL 100 : Linear vibrator to 1.1 Kilos of weight and guides < 300 mm
- VIL 300 : Linear vibrator to 3.1 Kilos of weight and guides < 800 mm
- VIL 600 : Linear vibrator to 6.3 Kilos of weight and guides < 1500 mm
b) Circular VibratorThey can have a time sense or opposite sense feeding and they can be realised on base Champs or RNA.The models are signed with abbreviation depending on the dimension:- VIC 250 : Base from 250 mm of diameter
- VIC 400: Base from 400 mm of diameter
- VIC 600: Base from 600 mm of diameter.

7) ROLLS OF PRE-SELECTION AND ORIENTATION OF PIECES There are group of rolls that are generally used to eliminate strange-parts and to orient the pieces on the exit from another feeding systems.They are available as Modular Units to join to our feeding systems or as Autonomy Unit.They are realised as following models:- RUL 800: a couple of rolls of length to 800 mm
- RUL 1200: a couple of rolls of length to 1200 mm
- RUL 1600: a couple of rolls of length to 1600 mm
- RUL2 800 : two couple of lay upon rolls of length 800 mm
- RUL2 1600: two couple of lay upon rolls of length 1600 mm