Our Company is composed by 26 Peoples for the Production in CHAMPS INT Service , 12 People for the Research and New Products Development and same number for the Production of Feeding Systems .Champs is composed by Specialised Technicians, in many part with a degree to the best Italian Universities and School of Engineering, surely chosen from the best in this field.People, before to be operated, follow internal stages of 3 month and after they are assist by the experienced staff for 6 other months.

It can be useful to stress the fact all the Developments and Studies are made in Champs totally. In confront of a part of our competition, Champs is able to provide himself to the development of all Projects and own the Know-how for:

· Mechanical Project
· Electrical Project
· Electronic Project
· Software of Machine Project
· Cards and Software of Images Analysis
· Development of new sensors and Devices for particulars needs.
Development and construction of Parts of Feeding and Orientation Pieces.

These Human Resource permit us to assist quickly and to satisfy all the needs of our Customer.The Modular Conception of our Products (mechanical, electrical, electronic, software) permit us to answer to the eventually requests of change and adaptations of Control Machine quickly.

The turn-over of Champs and Partners has be expected for this year in 6 million Euro with prevision of 8/9 million Euro for the next year.

  CHAMPS INT Service born on February 1987 rejoining a group of technicians with a long time experience in Automation that decide to create a Company to became the Leader in the Area of Automatic Quality Check for small pieces.

After 15 years of activity, Champs has produce more than 350 machines in Europe and is became the Main Supplier of European Important Industrial Groups for Car components which in principle Fontana Groups in Italy and Former Groups in France.Our experience is based in the followings compartments:

   · Fasteners (screws, nuts, rivets , washers, bolfs, nails)

  · Car Components (junctions and parts for brake group, steering group parts, valves and spring valve retainer, valves-slide way, suspension and damper group parts, pivots)

  · Munitions and components for arms

We have also produced machines for Turning and Shearing (parts for chains, carburettor, pivots for bolt bearing, fixing, composed parts iron-gum)

Champs propose a him-self has qualified supplier for the solutions of problems of Standard and Not Standard Quality Control absolutely the most complete and checked range of measure and Control automatically machine

The machine are complete of Automatic Packing System (Bags, Cardboard boxes, KLT boxes) and Special System for feeding pieces.

Industrials Groups and Important Companies Producers of Parts for High Automation Area that needs controlled parts at 100% chose Champs has Supplier for Systems and Machines of Quality Control.

Actual production is 50-55 machine/year and about 200 Feeding and Packing System.



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